In its basic form, plastic surgery deals with the restoration of a patients form and function which can be effected by trauma, cancer or even congenital problems.

What is the difference between Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery?
Reconstructive surgery is done to improve a defect that is caused by Trauma or Disease. Cosmetic Surgery is done electively to improve your appearance.
Below is a list of procedures that Dr Barnes performs, it is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you have any queries about procedures carried out by him, feel free to contact his rooms.


Breast Reduction


Surgery to reduce and reshape the Breasts by removing excess Skin, Breast Tissue and Fat.  It is often done to alleviate Back and Neck Pain, as well as improve one’s physical appearance, especially after losing weight, pregnancy and breast feeding.  A reduction of enlarged Areolar (pigmented area) can also be done at the same time.

Breast Augmentation


Surgery done to increase the size, volume and projection of the Breasts.  It can be used to bring your Breasts into proportion with the rest of your body, correct Asymmetrical or Congenital Defects and increase lost volume from weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Dr Barnes uses Silicone Implants (Eurosilicone or Natrelle) over Saline as they tend to feel and look more like Breast Tissue.  Silicone Implants have had numerous studies over the years and have been deemed safe by the FDA.

There are different sizes and shapes of Implants.  Dr Barnes can help you to determine what is best for your shape and size.  Implants are inserted through an Incision in the Inframammary Folds (under the Breasts).  They can be placed Subglandularly (above the Muscle) or Submuscularly (under the Muscle).  At times, you may need to combine a Breast Lift / Mastopexy with insertion of Implants if the Breasts have sagged significantly.

Mastopexy / Breast Lift


Surgery done to lift and reshape the Breasts.  You can also reduce the size of the Areolar (pigmented area) at the same time.

A Mastopexy will not increase the size of the Breast so if you desire to increase the size, then you would need to opt for Implants to be inserted at the same time.

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck


Surgery done to remove excess Skin and Fat on the Abdomen and tighten the Muscles.  Often it is done in conjunction with Liposuction around the Flanks.

It can improve the appearance of the Abdomen, especially after losing weight or pregnancy.

Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Surgery


Surgery done to remove excess Skin, Muscle and Fat on the Upper or Lower Eyelids due to the aging process when the Skin starts to stretch, supporting Muscles weaken and Eyelids become droopy.  It can be done under Local or General Anaesthetic.

Otoplasty / Ear Surgery


Surgery done to reshape, reposition, resize or pin back Ears due congenital defects, trauma or disease.



Surgery done to improve the signs of aging like sunken Cheeks, deep wrinkles of the Skin especially around the Nose and Mouth, and appearance of Jowls when the Skin tends to sag.  It is often done in conjunction with Blepharplasties, Fillers / Fat Injections.

Fat transfers / Injections


Fat is harvested from one area of your body (usually the Abdomen) and injected into another area for irregularities in the Skin, Scars, to increase loss of volume in Cheeks, Lips, Nasolabial Folds and Breasts.

Botox and Fillers


Botulin Injections are used to temporarily relax and smoothe the muscles that cause frowning, wrinkles and crows feet.  It is a non-invasive procedure, with no down time that can drastically reduce the signs of aging.  It is temporary and only lasts for a few months.

Fillers are injections of Hyaloronic Acid that helps to plump up areas to improve the appearance of wrinkles or loss of volume.  Often used in Lips and Nasolabial Folds.  They are temporary and only last for a few months.

Scar Revision


Treatments to minimise and improve the appearance of Scars, Keloids, Hypertrophic Scars or Contractures.  However, a Scar can never be completely erased.



Surgery done to reduce and improve the appearance of the External Female Genitalia.  Can often reduce discomfort during intercourse, sports and wearing some items of clothing.

Arm and Thigh Lift


Surgery done to remove excess Skin and Fat around the Arms or Thighs, especially after losing a significant amount of weight.  It often includes Liposuction to achieve the correct contours of the body.


Lower Limb Reconstruction


Surgery involving reconstruction of lower Limbs from Disease or Trauma.  Reconstruction may be of Soft Tissue or Bone defects.

Skin Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction


Identifying and treating the different types of Skin Cancers like Basal Cell Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Melanoma, etc.  Biopsies are often done in the rooms under Local Anaesthetic to identify the type of Skin Disorders.  Excisions will depend on the type, size and location of the lesion as to whether they can be done in the rooms or in hospital.

Head and Neck Microsurgical Reconstruction


Extensive surgery to correct defects after Cancer or Trauma.  This usually involves taking Skin or other tissue from a remote area of the body which is used to reconstruct an anatomical defect.  The transplanted tissue is reattached to the Blood Vessels and Nerves at the recipient site using a Microscope.  It may often be done in conjunction with an ENT or Neurosurgeon.

Breast Reconstruction


Surgery done to reconstruct the Breast following a Mastectomy for Breast Cancer.  It may be done as an immediate, delayed or staged surgery, depending on your treatment plan (Chemotherapy or Radiation) from your Oncologist.

There are various options on how to reconstruct a Breast, the best option will need to be decided on by you and the surgeon.  Options include Silicone Implants or Skin, Muscle and Fat Flaps taken from the Abdomen or Back.  You may also decide to do a Symmeterisation of the other Breast by means of a Breast Lift, Reduction or Implant.

Hand Surgery

Surgery involving Hand defects from Trauma, Cancer, Birth Defects, Tendons injuries, Dupytrens Contracture, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and many more.

Skin Grafts and Skin Flaps

Surgery done to close a complicated wound following Cancer or Trauma.

Removal of Moles, Lipomas, Cysts

Identifications and Excision of various Skin Lesion.  Can be done in the rooms under Local Anaesthetic or in hospital under General Anaesthetic depending on the type, size and location of the lesion.

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