About Dr Barnes

Dr Barnes is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based at Hillcrest Private Hospital.   He has a specific interest in General Reconstructive  and Microsurgery, but also performs  a wide range of Cosmetic Procedures.

He is committed to providing a quality service to his patients. Our specialities are Plastic surgery and Cosmetic Surgery.

What is the difference between Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is done to improve a defect that is caused by Trauma or Disease.  Cosmetic Surgery is done electively to improve your appearance.

In its basic form, Plastic Surgery deals with the restoration of a patients form and function, which can be effected by trauma, cancer or even congenital problems.

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Frequently asked questions

Our clients always have questions and concerns, as professionals we are happy to answer and address every question and concern you may have to the best of our abilities.

What are your operational hours?

Monday to Thursday 08h00 – 16h00

Fridays 08h00 – 12h30

Out of hours / Emergency consults can be requested.

Does Medical Aid cover Cosmetic Surgery?

Generally most Medical Aids do not pay for Cosmetic Surgery as it is viewed as a Scheme Exclusion.

What does Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

Cosmetic Procedures costs vary significantly according to what procedure is to be done and how long it will take in theatre.  Please contact the practice for an estimate on the procedure you would like to enquire about.

Do I need a referral?

Dr Barnes is able to see any patient without a referral, however, some medical aids may not pay for services in full if you have not been referred by a GP.   Please contact your medical aid to ask what your plan stipulates.

What about complications?

We strive to minimise the risks of complications, however, any surgery comes with risks of complications.  Complications and risks will be discussed during your consultation.  We will usually not charge for correction/treatment of any complications following cosmetic surgery, however, you may be liable for hospital, anaesthetic or other service provider fees.

Who is a good candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

  • A person who wants to improve their physical appearance for themselves and not for the sake of others.
  • Non-smoker
  • BMI below 30
  • A person who has realistic goals in mind and is fully aware of risks and complications of the proposed procedure.

What about fees?

Consultation fees are due at the time of the visit. Due to annual fluctuations, please enquire about current fees at the rooms.

For repeat visits, small procedures done at the time of the consult and surgery, we will claim directly from your medical aid, if you have available benefits.  Any shortfalls by medical aid are requested to be settled in 60 days.

Each Medical Aid has its own Scheme Rate.  There is often a difference between our rate and their rate.  We try to be as open and honest about any shortfalls that you may experience.  Please enquire about your individual Medical Aid to find out if you will be covered in full or not.

Cosmetic surgery fees are requested to be paid in advance of the surgery.  Options to do a monthly payment arrangement for cosmetic surgery can be applied for through First Health Finance (www.fhf.co.za)

We accept cash, credit cards and EFT.